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This will interest you!

It’s festive season, and something tells me you will be travelling home for Christmas, to see your kinsmen.

Matter of fact, you want to use a public transport, instead of that ford car you drove last year, that made everybody to flock around you like a king and Queen.

Big issue! Your Ford car has been packed and abandoned in your garage for a while now, because they told you it can be fixed or the money was too high?

Good news! I bring to you KRISS AUTO VENTURES LIMITED!

Kriss Auto is a number one dealer in all kinds of spare parts for ford cars such as Edge, Dodge, Escape, etc.

We can give you whatever quality parts you want for you car at unbeatable prices. Plus we have a 48hrs delivery system to any part of the country you may be.

Reach us on call/WhatsApp: +234 803 851 5680

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